Behind the lens...



I started taking photos back in the day when it involved a dark room and hours and hours of toil, but with the invention of digital (the best invention in the world in my humble opinion, well that and pizza) I no longer stand in a dark room, instead I get to look out over the Durham countryside sitting at a computer drinking tea while editing photographs!


What has not changed over the years is my passion for photography and the never ending search for that next best image.


If you're looking for a quality wedding photography service, which is both bespoke and personal, while watching those ever important pennies then you don't need to go any further!


I strive to achieve that next "best" photo, I like to plan and be involved in the energy of the wedding as I believe this adds so much to the photos.


The day is to be celebrated and I love being involved in that!

I encourage the need for a "wish list" to ensure that your ideas are recorded but once these must have photos are captured I shoot in an editorial style, creating a multi viewpoint perspective of your special day.


As it happens, when it happens will give that unique viewpoint of the day that will be something you can visits over the years to come.


I look forward to being part of your special day and designing everything around you individual needs.